Our House, a Wildlife Habitat

When our yard was certified as a Wildlife Habitat I assumed that our house would remain almost free of animals, except for our two cats. Yet gradually, sneakily, animals have taken advantage of our good nature. First they took over our in-house garage. Mice nest behind or under our accumulated belongings. Birds such as wrens check out our supply of bird seed or simply spend the night in a cozy place. And let’s not forget the peanut shells that my car mechanic found in the engine room of my car years ago…

Next was the basement, where spiders and other critters hunkered down during winter. Marmorated stinkbugs have invaded pretty much the entire house, inside and out. I will never live down the day when I served beef stew and a stinkbug had landed on it…

Last week our cat Pocket spent all day in the basement even though it is colder than the upstairs. Late in the afternoon she was playing with a mouse in the dining room. We were not too alarmed – until we realized that it was a real mouse, not a toy!












What followed was a mad chase. The poor mouse escaped into the hallway and I managed to lock Pocket in the spare bedroom. I quickly closed the other doors and the mouse scurried into the tiny bathroom. Not wanting to catch a mouse with his bare hands, my husband fetched a pair of gloves. Unfortunately, they did not give him any dexterity and the creature escaped into our computer room. Meanwhile, I frantically searched for a trap in the garage. Imagine my surprise when hubby came downstairs with a mouse hanging onto his shirt sleeve! Maybe the mouse had gotten tired from being chased all day by Pocket and simply surrendered.

After the mouse was safely back in the garage I realized that I should have filmed the whole action!