Great Backyard Bird Count – Day 1

The Great Backyard Bird Count is on. Here is a list of the birds I observed today:

10 Northern cardinals
5 Starlings
1 Northern flicker
1 Black-capped chickadee
1 Tufted titmouse
1 Carolina wren
1 Downy woodpecker
1 Red-bellied woodpecker
1 Hairy woodpecker
1 Blue jay
2 Dark-eyed juncos
2 House sparrows
1 White-throated sparrow
2 Fox sparrows
1 White-breasted nuthatch
2 Mourning doves

This list is by no means complete. While driving through our plan I saw dozens of birds (possibly mourning doves) on a powerline. I couldn’t count them, though, because I was driving. I am also hearing quite a bit of bird chatter outdoors today despite the weather.

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