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Life in a Wetland, Create Your Own Backyard Wildlife Habitat, and Common Backyard Birds are available through all online book retailers and at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.


This book will surely inspire the budding naturalist in your life, and it will also serve as a blueprint for creating your own backyard wildlife habitat together. Award-winning photographer Doris Dumrauf has carefully compiled and thoughtfully arranged two dozen of her eye-catching nature photos to show young readers the diversity of living treasures—from caterpillars to owls—that can be found when a backyard is designed with a few essential elements of good wildlife habitat in mind.

– Bob Mulvihill, Ornithologist, National Aviary

A splendid debut! Doris Dumrauf’s first book is short and sweet.  Exceptional full color photographs illustrate the creatures anyone can learn to attract to backyard habitats.  From spiders and insects to  birds and mammals, this book is sure to captivate beginning wildlife gardeners and children who love seeing critters that might visit the backyard.  Best of all, she advocates for gardening with native plants.

– Scott Shalaway, Ph.D.


Quill says: A truly lovely book about backyard birds that comes to life through the beautiful photography.

– Feathered Quill Book Reviews