Birding Update

Two days ago we saw the first Eastern Towhee in your yard. It has been a regular early-morning visitor ever since then.
Yesterday, I headed to Boyce-Mayview Park to photograph birds. The morning air was resonating with the call of Red-winged Blackbirds who flitted about the shrubs and tall trees. The Bluebirds were more quiet, taking in the morning sun from tall trees. I did not have much success photographing either since they were too far away. Perhaps when the vegetation grows and I can easier hide I will be more successful. In the meantime, I am putting up my blind in our backyard. Unfortunately, the blind is very noisy in the slightest wind and yesterday I had to take it down again, as it spooked the birds away.

Still, it is great to be outdoors again after a long winter. Yesterday, the temperature reached 81 degrees. It seems unreal that the trees are still bare and the juncos are still here.

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