Despite the recent cold spell, spring is around the corner. Really. The birds think so. I hear more and more bird songs around our house and even when I’m driving. Last week, my husband spotted a blue jay that was feeding another one.
The results of the great backyard bird count are in and I can report that we have all 10 of the most frequently reported birds in our yard. I would be happier if I could report a rarer species than, say, a mourning dove, but so it goes.
A bit more unusual are the seagulls we saw at the Pointe recently. There is no body of water nearby and I can only assume that they are raiding the garbage disposals of the restaurants. Go figure!

The Great Backyard Bird Count

This past weekend, I participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count. At some times of the day it was like a feeding frenzy out there. On Saturday, for example, I counted 13 cardinals at once. I can explain their abundance with the wooded ravine we have behind our house. Other large numbers were: five juncos; nine mourning doves; five goldfinches, and seven starlings. I also saw three robins on our street, my first sighting of the year. Their survival instincts have not quite kicked in yet.
Our most exciting experience was on Sunday when we watched two crows land in our yard. At that same inopportune moment, a vole decided to leave its hole – only to be snatched up by one of the crows who then took off with its prize.
The other backyard visitors were vegetarians and munched on our four bird feeders and the feed that fell to the ground. Too bad I was not allowed to count squirrels. They are always in abundance around here. I was also sorry that the flock of red-winged blackbirds I have often seen lately did not show up during the count. That would have been impressive! I am anxious to see the final tally of the count. Last year, cardinals were the most reported species. No wonder, judging from my own numbers.