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Turkeys Away

My favorite episode on WKRP in Cincinnati was Turkeys Away. The joke is that the station manager drops turkeys out of an airplane thinking that they fly. So, when I first saw a huge bird fly across the street in front of my car, I thought, “It could have been a turkey, but since turkeys […]

Mystery Solved

During the past few weeks, I noticed some strange looking birds in our backyard. They didn’t quite look like goldfinches, yet they often visited our thistle feeder. They also ate seeds on the ground, but they weren’t sparrows either. The other day I received an Audubon Society bulletin and learned that they are pine siskins. […]


Despite the recent cold spell, spring is around the corner. Really. The birds think so. I hear more and more bird songs around our house and even when I’m driving. Last week, my husband spotted a blue jay that was feeding another one. The results of the great backyard bird count are in and I […]

The Great Backyard Bird Count

This past weekend, I participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count. At some times of the day it was like a feeding frenzy out there. On Saturday, for example, I counted 13 cardinals at once. I can explain their abundance with the wooded ravine we have behind our house. Other large numbers were: five juncos; […]