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Return to Raccoon

On Saturday, we returned to the wetland trail at Raccoon Creek park. It was quiet this time and we only encountered catbird fledglings, one warbler, two bluebirds and numerous Canada geese. The sound of bullfrogs frequently interrupted the silence. I had taken my camera along, but did not take many photos. The hot and humid […]

A Trip to Raccoon Creek

For the first time this year, we headed to Raccoon Creek State Park yesterday. The weather was less than stellar – it was cool and very windy. I therefore left my camera at home and brought my binoculars instead. With such winds I would have been hard-pressed to find a branch that was still long […]

Cowbirds, oh my!

One of the problems with hanging up bird feeders is that you’re also attracting less desirable creatures. At the moment, that would be cowbirds. For weeks now, they have descended on our feeders, eating everything in sight. Of course, the obvious solution would be to stop feeding birds. But then I wouldn’t be able to […]


On Sunday, we hung up our hummingbird feeder, rather timely as it turned out. On Monday evening, my husband spotted two male ruby-throated hummingbirds at the feeder already. I figured that the southern winds might speed up their way north – and I was right.

They’re here…

Things are getting exciting in our backyard now. While we still see a white-throated sparrow around, the juncos seem to be gone. Unfortunately, we have a small flock of cowbirds around. I don’t like to see them because they put their eggs in other birds’ nests, but there isn’t much I can do about them […]

Independence Day

I’ve been honing my bird photography skills in our backyard lately, sort of like spring training after a long winter. Today, we went on our first bird outing. We drove to Independence Marsh in Beaver County and were not disappointed. We had not even left our car when we already spotted a killdeer, tree swallows, […]

Backyard Birds

When the weather is agreeable I am out in the backyard photographing birds. Last Friday, I spotted a dark-eyed junco eating seeds underneath our feeder and a white-throated sparrow that landed on a branch. I had not seen any white-throated sparrows for a while and had wondered whether they had left yet. Winter is not […]

The Rookery

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and most importantly, it wasn’t windy. We therefore headed out to Big Sewickley Creek Road near Ambridge to view the Great Blue Heron rookery we had discovered last year. There must have been 20 or more nests, but photographing them was difficult. Many branches obstruct the view, making focusing and […]

At long last

As a bird photographer and bird lover, it is my objective to lure birds to our backyard. Feeders are the obvious choice, but the feed can be pricey. Much more natural, if you disregard the initial price tag, is planting trees and shrubs for birds. For years, I’d been longing to get a serviceberry. Everything […]

Spring has sprung

Until yesterday, our backyard was quite uneventful this week – that is, if you don’t count hawks. We have had quite a few red-tailed hawk sightings lately. Sometimes they fly right through our yard.Last evening, we saw our first eastern towhee of the year and I saw it again today. I also noticed that the […]