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Ducks galore

I spent the weekend at North Chagrin Reservation in Ohio where I attended a wood duck photo workshop. I arrived on Friday afternoon in a light rain and checked out the pond. To my surprise the birds were so tame that even the great blue heron I saw did not fly away when I approached. […]

We’re ready

We took down our hummingbird feeder over the weekend and cleaned our bird feeders. We have already stocked up on black oil sunflower seeds, safflower, and cracked corn. Now we only need to buy or make suet and we’re all set. And I bought a new hopper feeder today. Let the birding begin!Next weekend I’m […]

Fall Has Arrived

It is now officially fall and the leaves are certainly changing. Last week we headed to Presque Isle. I was hoping to see migrating warblers, but we saw nothing but a few mallards and plenty of ring-billed gulls. Instead we almost got eaten alive by mosquitoes and decided to never return in September.At home things […]


Last week we had such beautiful weather that I headed out to the Audubon nature reserve in Beechwood for the first time in almost a year. The reason for my “abstinence” was, of course, road work. I just couldn’t seem to find a direct route to Fox Chapel that didn’t include massive detours. Finally I […]


We are experiencing hot and sticky weather right now and don’t venture outside much. No matter, the birds seem to be on hiatus too. All, except hummingbirds. They are performing aerial combat around our syrup feeder, chasing each other away from the energy drink. As if there weren’t enough for everybody! Why can’t they just […]

Summer Musings

We don’t see too many birds right now, but I have seen and heard plenty of hawks lately. The ruby-throated hummingbirds are hitting our syrup feeder hard. Not only do they have chicks now, but they are also beefing up for their upcoming migration. I have to check the feeder often to make sure it […]

A Summer Hike

During the summer – and once we take down our feeders – we don’t see too many birds in our backyard. We therefore am more interested in wildflowers than birds right now. Last Sunday, we headed out to Raccoon Creek State Park where we stopped at the wildflower reserve first. After admiring eight to nine […]

Birding in Germany

I recently returned from a trip to Germany where I visited my family and friends. My parents’ garden is big and it abuts several other gardens and orchards. Fruit trees and evergreens provide ample cover for the many birds I heard. With the help of my dad’s binoculars I observed serins, blackbirds, a blue tit, […]

Backyard photography

My favorite lighting for bird photography (or flowers, or wildlife) is bright overcast. Last week was just such a day and I set up my blind to take advantage of the great lighting. While I did not get to photograph any new species, I did get a very charming shot of a male cardinal with […]

June observations

We are still seeing many birds in our backyard. In fact, their population has swelled because many have chicks now. Their constant chirping sounds through our yard all day long. My most exciting sighting this week was a Northern Flicker in our front yard. It targeted the ants on our walk. The Rose-breasted Grosbeaks are […]